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Strawberry Short Cake (Seasonal)
This cake taste just like the real thing! Delicious!!  Vanilla cake filled with buttercream and fresh strawberries.
Light Lemon Burst!  If you love lemon, this is your cake.  Lemon cake, filled with lemon buttercream.
What's Up Doc?
Your cake is sure to be gone in seconds!  Carrot cake with cranberries baked in and filled with our famous cream cheese frosting.
Almond Crunch A very rich chocolate cake, with our secret crunch filling!
Banana Cream  
Your favorite pie, but its cake!
Vanilla cake filled with banana cream and fresh bananas.
Berries and Cream (Seasonal)
YUM YUM! Light vanilla cake filled with pastry cream,
fresh strawberries, raspberries, or blackberries.
Chocolate Cream Pie
So Delicious! Chocolate cakefilled with a rich and creamy chocolate cream cheese filling.  
Chocolate Fudge Raspberry
Chocolate fudge cake filled with raspberry & chocolate ganache.
Chocolate Mousse
A favorite! Chocolate cake filled with my Dad's famous Chocolate mousse.
Chocolate Truffle
Achocolate lover's dream!  Chocolate fudge
cake filled chocolate ganache.

Cinnamon Roll
Taste just like the real thing!  Cinnamon cake filled with cream cheese frosting.
A coconut lover's dream! This cake is made with
real coconut milk and has a sweet and creamy coconut filling.


best choice of wedding cakes in the Antelope Valley
If you are a kid at heart and love Oreo cookies, then this cake is for you. Vanilla cake baked with Oreo cookies, filled with Oreo cookie buttercream.
Creamy Lemon Velvet
Fresh and luscious lemon delight!  Vanilla cake filled with our lemon curd.
Italian Wedding Cake
Coconut cake filled with cream cheese frosting.
Lemon Coconut
Light and Creamy! Lemon cake made with fresh lemon juice, filled with a coconut pastry cream.
Lemon Raspberry
Made with fresh lemon juice, it’s a burst of citrus in your mouth! Lemon cake filled with raspberry.
Marble Raspberry
Super Star for sure! Marble cake filled with a thin layer of ganache, and raspberry.
Peanut Butter Bliss
Who says you can't have peanut butter in your wedding cake? Chocolate cake filled with peanut butter buttercream.
Red Velvet
Super moist! You will love our red velvet cake filled with our famous cream cheese filling.
Strawberry Cream Cheese
Scrumptious, sweet, and fruity! This strawberry cake filled with cream cheese is a real crowd pleaser.

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